FrostbitE 40 recon

Oh man was I in need of a good ride! Life has been busy lately, stress has been high, my life has been out of balance. What I needed was a nice long ride with some good pals. I sent out a few texts and wham-o we were all set to ride Saturday morning.

With the Frostbite 40 coming up we decided to ride a route I thought would be a good option. Everyone came from different directions so it worked out perfect to meet in Pecatonica.

Temps were perfect, 20's and cloudy, with a 100% chance of awesome. The roads were frozen but some recent warm weather created some ruts in the road which caused a minor accident. We addressed some issues and pressed on. A couple miles later we rolled into Rock City to clean out some cuts and grab a PBR and snack.

When we left Rock City the sun came out and on we rolled. I love steel bridges on gravel roads so we took a route through Epplyana where one of these bridges are located.

A few more big climbs and then it was smooth sailing back to town. I think this is going to be an excellent course for the Frostbite 40. I might make a couple changes but we all seemed to agree it's got some good flavor.

Rolling back to the start with just a few miles left our spirits were high, and I was super grateful to have such good like minded friends to share the miles with. The weather was great, the route was great, but having good riding pals is what makes days like today one you don't forget.